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Due to the volume of duplicate inquiries we receive each day, we may have sent you to this page for your answer. Please take a look at our frequently asked questions, as it may answer yours. If it does not, we will get back to you as soon as we can! 


Q: I am interested in an animal I saw on a third party rescue website or Facebook, what do I do next?

A: Visit our website www.justinbartlettanimalrescue.org, often times more information will be listed there, such as ages, if they are available and more about their personality. 

 If you are interested in adopting, fill out the application there. 
In order to fill out any form, just register for your user name and password first, and once you have that, you will have access to fill out all forms. 

 If your application is approved, we will set up a meet and greet and possible adoption at an  adoption event during the following weekend. 

 If you want to learn more about the adoption process, that too is on our website. 

 Q: I want to talk about situation, or an animal I’m interested in. Can someone just call me?
A: Actually, no. People would like to talk to us all day long, but we are volunteers who still must work and take care of our own families. We primarily can communicate and resolve any issues or questions, electronically. Here is the exception though, if you are serious about adoption and take the time to fill out the adoption application online, then an adoption counselor will be calling you to discuss adoption. That’s how we are prioritize and manage our phone time. 

Q: I keep calling but no one is answering. 
A: The phone number goes to a cell phone held by a volunteer who listens to messages after work or when time is available. We try to return as many calls as possible, in a timely manner, but if you are reading this, you probably got your answer already. If you didn’t hear back about a surrender request, it’s probably because we haven‘t been able to find help for you yet, and you should continue in your search for assurance. 

Q: The animals that I want to adopt, says for sponsorship and is not an option on the drop down menu, what does this mean?

A: We only are able to accept applications for the group of pets who are ready to be adopted. If an animal is not available yet, you can register that pet as a favorite, on our website; and receive auto generated emails, when matches become available. Please do not apply for a different dog/cat just to get your application in first. 

Q: Can you notify me when you get certain breeds or a specific animal is available?
A: Yes. If you register for a user name and password on our website, you can list your “favorites” and anytime there is a change in that animal‘s profile (like when it’s status changes to available), or that specific breed gets loaded onto our website, you will get autogenerated notifications. 

Q: Is the pet that I’m interested in available for adoption?
A: If the pet is listed on our website, it means that pet is still in our care and has not been adopted yet. There are times that we may have a scheduled adoption  pending for that pet, but once the pet is adopted, he/she will be removed from the website within 24 hours. Just because there is a pending adoption, doesn’t mean you can’t apply, in the event that the pending adoption falls through  

Q: I have/found/saw a dog/cat that needs rescue, can you help me? 

A: We are able accept pets from the public on a very limited basis. Please send us all information including pictures, and how you are able to help/contribute, and your request will be reviewed. You will receive a response if we have additional questions or can help, but sadly, we cannot accommodate most requests.


Q: Can I come to your facility and meet the animals?

A: All of our dogs and cats live with volunteers in foster homes. We have weekly events, which are listed on our website, in the “events”section. You are welcome to attend and meet some adoptables there! If there is a pet you are specifically interested in, we highly recommend that you fill out an application and be pre-approved in advance. 

 Q: What if I just want to meet a specific dog or cat, can you make an arrangement for a meet ans greet for me?
A: Please fill out an adoption application and once you’re application is pre-approved, we will contact you to arrange the meet and greet. An adoption application is not a commitment to adopt, but it it will save us both time in the long run, if we know in advance if this is starting off as a good match or not. 

There are times when a specific pet is scheduled to be present at an event,  you are welcome to come visit that event, but keep in mind, if someone applies online, and gets pre-approved, before you get to the event, that may be a missed opportunity for you. 

Q: Can you give me more inforamtion about a specific animal?
A: First, check that pet’s profile page on our website, whatever onformation that we are given by a foster parent is listed there. If you cannot what you are looking for listed there, please email us with specific questions and we can work on researching the answer for you.

Q: Can you tell me more about the adoption process and your fees?
A: Please see our “adoption” section: http://www.justinbartlettanimalrescue.org/info/adoption

Q: How can I volunteer? 

A: Volunteer and foster applications can be submitted electronically, through our website, in the ”forms” section.   


Q: How can I donate food or items from your wish list?

A: Feel free to drop it to our hospital or any adoption site, which are listed on our website,  www.justinbartlettanimalrescue.org. We LOVE gently used items, but please make sure food has been unopened and bedding is cleaned. 


Q: I want to help save lives. How can I donate funds? 

A: There are several ways to donate. One way is a direct sponsorship for a specific dog or cat. This can be done by clicking their profile on their webpages and choosing the sponsorship link. You can make it a one time or recurring donation. Posted on our website are also links to Pay Pal and Network For Good. Another option is the good old fashion check to:

10405 Southern Blvd 

Royal Palm Beach, Fl 33411

And lastly, if you wanted to donate by credit card or directly to our hospital account, please contact us. 


Q: Do you have a Facebook page?

A: Of course! 




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